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Miscellaneous Equipment

Miscellaneous Equipment includes :

TEMPOS thermal resistivity probe

The Tempos is an easy to use fully portable field and lab thermal properties analyser. It uses the transient line heat source method to measure thermal conductivity, resistivity, diffusivity, and specific heat. Sophisticated data analysis is based on 30+ years of research experience on heat and mass transfer in soils and other porous materials.

Redox Potential

Soil Redox Potentials are measured using a Platinum electrode, K reference cell and high impedance voltmeter.

Scintrex CG5 Autograv

The Scintrex CG-5 maximizes your productivity delivering superior data repeatability in rough field terrain. Station positions are measured with the integrated GPS capability.

Internal GPS and precise clock for X-Y positions and earth tide corrections

  • Real time free air and Bouguer corrections
  • Online near zone terrain corrections¬†
  • R/F On Off


Hemisphere CRESCENT A100 dGPS

Sub-metre GPS with RTCM output - can be used with Allegro 2 or Archer 2 data loggers.

Juniper Systems Geode

Compact, sub-meter GNSS for Bluetooth interface to Allegro 2 or Archer 2 data loggers.