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ABEM Terrameter LS 2 is a standalone solution featuring built-in measurement channels, high power current transmitter, electrode selector, computer and graphical user interface. Surveying techniques range from 1D to 4D measurements. The robust and rugged aluminium casing meets IEC IP66 lassification and allows for use in the harshest of conditions.

ABEM Terrameter LS 2 offers up to 12 measurement channels for greater efficiency and productivity in the field. The built-in electrode selector allows for connection of up to 81 electrodes, providing high resolution and impressive depth capabilities. With the use of external electrode selectors over 16 000 electrodes can be connected. Guideline Geo offers a wide range of land, marine and borehole cables. The built-in field computer in the ABEM Terrameter LS 2 offers increased computing power, an easy to use graphical user interface and connectivity such as USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 3G. The internal GPS supports GLONASS, which improves positioning accuracy. Data is stored on a removable 16 GB microSD memory card, with a capacity of millions of data readings. Remote connectivity can allow the ABEM support team to assist with software upgrades, give support or troubleshoot if necessary. This unique feature ensures that the system is always up to date, operating correctly, with the risk of downtime kept to an absolute minimum.

  • Measure modes:  Resistivity, SP, Resistivity and IP using 50 % duty cycle, Resistivity and IP using 100 % duty cycle
  • Memory capacity:  16 GB, microSD card accessible externally
  • Power:  12 V, 8 Ah internal battery, built-in charger, 12-18 VDC external power
  • Number of electrodes:  Up to 81, using internal electrode selector. Up to 16384, using external electrode selectors
  • Number of channels:  Up to 12 (+ 2 for transmitter monitoring)
  • Input voltage range:  Up to ± 600 V
  • Maximum output power:  Up to 250 W
  • Current transmission:  Constant current transmitter
  • Maximum output current:  Up to 2500 mA
  • Maximum output voltage:  Up to ± 600 V, 1200 V peak to peak

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Ohmega Resistivity Meter

The Ohmega is a high quality earth resistance meter capable of accurate measurements covering a wide range of applications. Traditionally, high power was thought to be necessary for successful surveys. However, it is now accepted that the superior precision of the Allied Ohmega enables accurate electrical measurements to be made in all but the most extreme environments, nominally down to depths of 700 metres. A choice of current settings from 0.5mA to 200mA, with automatic gain steps, enables measurements to be made between 400 Kohm and 0.001 ohm. Three square wave frequencies are available with a choice of up to 16 cycles per measurement. Self potential can also be monitored. The Ohmega 52 will deliver up to 200mA making this a most power-ful yet lightweight tool for sounding applications. The Ohmega is supplied with four sounding cables on hand reels, and four stainless steel electrodes. A charger capable of working from 115 and 230 v is included.

  • Output current: 0.5 - 200mA.
  • Output Voltage: 360V peak to peak.
  • Cycle time: 2.1, 4.2 & 8.4 sec.
  • No. of cycles: 1, 2, 4, & 16.
  • Input impedance: 22 MOhms.
  • Measurement range: 0.001 Ohms - 400 kOhms.
  • Power supply: Internal rechargeable 12v battery or external 12 v source.
  • Display: 4 line alphanumeric LCD.
  • Weight: 4kg.
  • Dimensions: 230 X 175 X 267mm.

FLUKE 1623-2 Earth Ground Tester

Simple to use earth resistivity unit with up to four electrodes. Instrument is designed for tough environmental conditions (rubber protective cover, IP56 for case, IP40 for battery door).

  • RA 4-pole Ground Resistance Measurement (IEC 1557-5)
  • Resolution 0.001 Ω to 10 Ω
  • Measuring range 0.001 Ω to 19.99 kΩ
  • Intrinsic error ± (2 % rdg + 3 d)
  • Operating error ± (5 % rdg + 3 d)
  • RA 4-pole 0.001 Ω to 19.99 kΩ
  • Measuring voltage Vm = 48 V AC
  • Short-circuit current > 50 mA
  • Measuring frequency 128 Hz
  • Probe resistance (RS+ RES) Max. 100 kΩ
  • Auxiliary earth electrode resistance (RH) Max. 100 kΩ
  • Additional error from RH and RS RH[kΩ]• • •RS[kΩ/RA[Ω]• • •0.2 %
  • Monitoring of RS, and RH with error indicator Automatic range selection


New Technology

Accurate thermal properties measurements have always been about complex mathematics. Recent scientific breakthroughs in how these complex equations are solved have enabled not only higher accuracy, but also allowed us to calibrate using significantly improved data sets—making this instrument more accurate than any other in its class. Not only that, improved proprietary algorithms enable the TEMPOS to make these measurements with an incredible one-minute read time.


The ASTM 5334- and IEEE 442-compliant TEMPOS is engineered using ISO 2008 standards. It takes accurate readings of thermal conductivity, thermal resistivity, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat in many material types across multiple disciplines, from soil and concrete to food, plastics, lubricating oil, and even human tissue.

One minute changes everything

Ambient temperature changes of a thousandth of a degree per second, the sun warming the soil for example, destroy the accuracy of thermal properties calculations. Unique from all other thermal needle systems, the TEMPOS corrects for the linear temperature drift that causes erroneous readings. New proprietary algorithms allow the TEMPOS to make these measurements in as little as one minute.

Making the impossible possibleh5>

The KD2 Pro complies fully with ASTM D5334-08. A certificate of compliance can be downloaded at thermalresistivity.com or can be requested directly from Decagon.

Making the impossible possible
  • Improved algorithms increase accuracy
  • New one-minute read times
  • ASTM 5334- and IEEE 442-compliant
  • Controlled heating ensures heat is constant
  • Navigation through menus and options is more straightforward
  • Test set-up and results are displayed clearly
  • Mini USB cable makes downloading data easier
  • Interactive colour screen
  • Automatically identifies the sensor you have plugged in and illustrates heating
  • Rugged, ergonomic case
  • Portable: use in the field or in the lab
  • Measure moist and frozen materials accurately
  • Short heating times ensure no moisture movement
  • Robust sensor needles limit breakage
  • Automatically corrects for linear temperature drift
  • Resolves temperature to ±0.001 ◦C
  • Thermal Properties.